Why Do We Need To Exercise?

Health tipsWhat is exercise? Exercise is an activity that puts a pressure and stress for our body. It can be a form of sports. Exercise is also an activity that can be used to train our muscle to be stronger and better. By doing exercise well, our body will be healthier, and we will feel refreshed. Some people think that it is unimportant to do exercise. Some of them are too lazy to do any exercise, or too busy with their works and don’t have much free time to do exercise. If you think that we will only get tired after exercise, you are wrong. There are many reasons why exercise is healthy activity and there are many health benefits we can get. Why do we need to exercise? We will answer this question bellows.

The Reasons Why We Need To Exercise

Since exercise will put a pressure and stress in our muscle and body, some of the muscle will break after exercise. That’s why we will feel pain and tension after the first exercise. It seems pretty bad, but actually breaking the muscle is the way to strengthen it. By breaking the muscle, our body will regenerate the broken muscle, and build them much stronger and better than before. Protein is nutrition needed to build muscle, so if you want to get strong muscle, you will need to exercise well and eat protein.

Not only exercise as the way to train our muscle. By exercise, we will also refresh our body. By doing exercise, we will feel tired, and when we are tired, our body will release sweat. Sweating is a sign of cooling down your body when exercising, since our body heat will raise when exercising and tired. By releasing sweat, we will release many toxic and unwanted materials out of our body. That’s why we will feel refreshed after doing some exercises. There are many health benefits you can get from exercise. It is important activity and everyone should do it. Don’t be too lazy to do any exercise, you can do it.