Want Planting Tillandsia Or Roses?

Tillandsia is one of the most popular air plants which many people plant inside their home. They will help the homeowner to improve more air quality and breathe more relax in their own home. However, this air plant also can give you additional eye-catching like the roses do.

Tillandsia Better Than Roses

If you need to choose whether you want to plant roses or Tillandsia, you should pick the air plant. Why? It is because they are better than roses. Do you want to know what kind of things which make them be the better options?

  1. The air plants are live longer because they are epiphytes-they can grow with no soil and absorb the nutrients from their leaves. If you care them well, they will live for years, unlike the roses. Once you cut them, they will be detached from heir nutrition’s source and their lifespan only 1 to 3 weeks.
  2. The leaves of air plant can change based on its atmosphere. They can turn the color into shades of yellow, orange, magenta, red, and purple. Meanwhile, the roses can’t grow them in the home because it is hard to maintain and also they change the color if they are going to die.
  3. The air plant can improve more air quality than roses. The air plant helps you removing the chemical pollutants in the air and adds more oxygen to healthier home while the roses don’t give you much fresh air.

With those things which can you realize how best the air plant is, you can start to plant the air plant in your home to get better air. If you would like to care them well, you can visit us on Thetillandsia.com to help you get further information to care them in the best way.