Tips To Make Your Vagina Happy

Health lifeHello, pretty ladies! You already know that your lady part down there has a certain smell depends on how its health, right? Well, actually the scent can be caused by an infection, menstruation, or even sex. Most of the women feel a little bit insecure with their smell, especially when they are with their partner and ready to get a pleasure. Don’t worry though, you can do something to make your miss v smells pleasant so that your insecurity can go away. Let us enlighten you with these advises below!

Happy Vagina, Happy You.

Women are born with a vagina and it has smells that can give you a sign if something is not right. if that happens you need to get it checked. These are some tips to make your sensitive part down there stay healthy and have a nice smell:

  1. Wear cotton underwear. Well, wear something that is not too tight and cotton is highly recommended. Plus, don’t use the same pair more than 24 hours because it can build up more bacteria and of course your v is not happy about that.
  2. Wipe it correctly. The right way to wipe the vagina is from front to the back carefully and make sure you don’t miss anything. Wiping the opposite way can make the bacteria gets into your vagina and leads to an infection.
  3. Shower regularly at least once a day to get rid of the bacteria down there which causes odors. You sure want it to stay clean and have a good smell, huh?
  4. Use natural soap. Natural soap has the chance to avoid you from irritation. Your vagina has the ability to self-cleaning, so don’t put the soap inside the vagina, it can destroy your pH balance.

After all, you need to take a note that your lady part also needs a little care just like any other body part. Adios!