Three Big Species Of Catfish

Are you looking for any product of frozen catfish Indonesia? Before you buy the product of frozen catfish, it will be better to get more your knowledge about the catfish species that exist in the world. For the species of catfish, you can find it in three big classifications. The first one is the blue catfish. The second one is the flathead catfish and the third one is the channel catfish. Each catfish species has their characteristics and habits. If you have fishing as your hobby, knowing about this will be a good knowledge for you.

Three Big Species Of Catfish In The World

  • Blue Catfish

Blue catfish are the largest species of catfish, based on its size. Of course, it would be better and more challenging when you can get this fish in your fishing activity. You will spend your time for a worthy fish to eat. If you want to get this species of catfish, you better to hunt in the large rivers or perhaps large lakes for more chance.

  • Flathead Catfish

This type of catfish is usually harder to be caught. So, it might be a little chance when you might find this catfish in the product of frozen catfish Indonesia. It is because the flathead catfish has harder habitats to be reached by a human. Besides that, they also have a nocturnal feeding habit.

  • Channel Catfish

Channel catfish is the easiest catfish to be caught. For the size, this species of catfish is also not that big. Just like usual and normal catfish. The baits for this species of catfish is also very easy. They eat all baits that affordable for them. So, many fishers love to catch this species of catfish.

By knowing those three different species of catfish, you will also learn the better trick to catch the catfish based on the habits. For simpler way, you can but the catfish from any supplier that you can find in