The Importance Of Breastfeeding

Do you know that the breast milk is like gold water for your baby? It is the first gift for him or her. So, if you do not know; there are benefits of breastfeeding by month information here. I am sure after you read this information, you will give the whole breast milk you have for your baby after she or he born. Ok, let us see the information about the benefits as follow.

The Importance Or Benefits Of Breastfeeding By Month

There are many things that most mothers do not know about breastfeeding. The breastfeeding by month is really important for the baby, you know. You should know more about the benefits of breastfeeding by month as well here. See the importance and benefits below:

  1. The colostrum in your breast milk on the first day of your baby born is the most important thing for your baby. It will give the baby best nutrients to get used to the world and give the baby antibody or the first important immunization.
  2. Not only that, the first breastfeeding on the first day also will help you to recover after the delivery soon.
  3. The first month of the baby is the critical time. You should give the breast milk to help the baby pass it. It will be the best guard for him or her.
  4. After you do breastfeeding about four until six weeks; your baby will be more immune. If you continue to breastfeed the baby, it will be better.

You know, it is better to do breastfeeding about six months until two years. You will give the baby the maximum protection. If you love your baby; you should do it as the first gift. Ok, that is it. For further information, you may visit benefits of breastfeeding by month. Well, I wish your baby is always healthy.