Symptoms Of Food Allergies

Health tipsDo you know what food allergies are? You may have known what is it in which this condition can occur when a certain food is considered as a danger to the body. The result is there are many symptoms which can be sufferers. In this case, people may get mild up to severe symptoms depending on the condition of each person. The reaction itself involve the gastrointestinal tract, skin, respiratory, and cardiovascular.

4 Symptoms Of Food Allergies

  1. Skin

For the skin itself, there are various kinds of symptoms that the sufferers can get. For instance, is hives in which there are many red spots on the skin after someone eat certain triggered food. Besides the pale of blue skin can occur as well.

  1. Gastrointestinal tract

In this case, the sufferers may get the trouble of swallowing, hoarse throat or even swelling tongue. Vomiting or stomach cramps also become the common symptoms that many people get when they have food allergies.

  1. Respiratory

About another symptom relates to the respiratory of the sufferers. For instance, are wheezing, shortness of a breath and repetitive cough. If you have those symptoms after consuming certain food, you need to see the doctor soon.

  1. Cardiovascular

For the severe symptoms, the reaction will impact to the cardiovascular. In this case, shock and weak pulse include in this category. In the most dangerous condition, the sufferers may have anaphylaxis.

In summary, those are 4 reactions of the food allergies symptoms. Of course, not all the symptoms can occur in one case of food allergy. It may only in the skin, respiratory or others depending on the kind of food consumed. Besides, the condition of the immune system will influence all of the symptoms above in which someone with a worse immune system can get severe symptoms than those who have a better immune system.