All About Suar Or Trembesi Wood

Suar wood or also known as trembesi wood and meh is the name for the same wood. Suar wood furniture is an alternative wood that is quite good and cheaper than teak wood. This wood comes from the albizia genus. This type of wood can grow faster than other wood furniture materials with a very large tree circumference to reach 5 meters with an average height of 20 m to 30 m. In Indonesia, this wood can be found from several areas on the island of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

The Advantages Of Suar Wood Furniture

Although sometimes the Indonesian people tend to prefer furniture made of teak wood, suar wood furniture is very attractive in the export market because the furniture is made from trembesi wood is very unique. In addition to wood fibers and patterns that are similar to teak wood, this wood can also be in natural finishing without color so it looks a combination of beautiful brown and white color. In addition to the beautiful patterns and textures, suar for wood furniture has thick and large size characteristics, and the minimal connection either on the table with a diameter of 100 cm and more than 3 meters long though. So it gives a natural and unique impression on suar for wood furniture. This is because besides it suar wood has a large size so that wooden furniture craftsmen can freely make a solid furniture without a dial. Suar wood with a thickness of under 3 cm is also easily curved. The color of the wood surface of the terrace is dark, usually dark brown with black stripes while the gubal is white. Between the porch and the sections of the cave are clearly borderline

The material of suar wood furniture is not only used for furniture itself, suar wood is also widely used as raw material in the manufacture of various other high-value products such as veneer, door, statue, carving, and various other handicraft products.