Step To Laminate Flooring Easily

staircase landingsLaminate flooring is quite a popular choice, and easy it is very easy to install to. To install laminate flooring, you just need wooden planks and laminate flooring installations kit. The installation process will take up at least three days. The installation is very easy, and with this step by step instructions, you can install it at your home, by yourself. All of the tools and materials you will need is already inside the laminate flooring installation kit. If you choose laminate flooring as your flooring options at your home, but you don’t know how to install the laminate flooring, and you can’t ask for the expert to help and installing for you, then here we are going to give you a step by step instructions to install wooden planks laminate floor. Now, let’s get started.

Step By Step Instructions And Tips To Install Laminate Flooring

To install laminate flooring, the first step is to acclimate the wooden planks with your room temperature and humidity to prevent any buckling that can happen after installation. Wait for 48 hours to acclimate the wooden planks, and your wood plank is ready to lay out. While you are waiting for wooden planks to be acclimated, you can make a plan and layout of your wooden laminate floor. Made a plan and layout for measuring the size of your room, and count how much wooden planks you will need to cover up the entire room. You also need to choose which directions for the wooden planks layout.

Now, to install your wooden planks, remove any baseboard you have by using prybar. Clean up your floor with debris and nails, and then lay out the underlayment. Now, time to lay out the first row of the wooden planks. Layout correctly according to your plan and layout, then put the wooden planks until it covers up the entire floor. Reinstall your molding baseboard, and then put finishing touch on your wooden planks by waxing it. Now, that’s it step by step instructions to install laminate flooring. Pretty easy right?