About Stem Cell Tooth Regeneration Cost

USA green card lottery 2019Are you interested to know about how much stem cell tooth regeneration cost? Well, it is surely a great idea to know about this thing especially if we have a problem with tooth lose because of injury or any other thing. When using artificial tooth may not be a good option for you, trying to find a service which makes it possible to do stem cell tooth regeneration will be a good idea. If you want to learn more about this notion, let’s check this following information.

More About Stem Cell Tooth Regeneration Cost

This is a recent study which discovered the stem cell tooth regeneration. By this study, it is now possible to make our missing teeth grow again. When 26% of the 74-year-old adult are more likely to have their permanent teeth lost, this study will surely help them to have new teeth without needed artificial one. Then, how much does stem cell tooth regeneration cost? If you are wondering about the cost, it is reported that this medical treatment may cost you about $2,500 until $3,500. It seems to be more affordable when we compare it with artificial teeth implant which range from $1,000 until $5,000 for each tooth.

Now the question is how does it work? It is promised that the treatment will only use a local anesthetic. It is said that the stem cells will grow within two months. More interestingly, it is reported that the new tooth that grows will be as exact as your old one. Then, the stem cell also produces bone which links our tooth to our jaw. It means that we can eliminate the requirement of bone grafting which is known as a treatment to delay dental implant surgery. Since it is a re-grow tooth, you do not need to worry about tooth falling out. That’s all more about stem cell tooth regeneration cost.