Stay Fit during the Monsoon

Health tips

Rainy season or also known as monsoon is one of the happiest time in a year since it brings the coolness for our environment after a hot and scorching sun in summer. However, after getting splashed by the rain, there will be negative effect appeared which you need to be really careful of. The bad impact of rainy days can happen to people at all age, but kids and elderly are more prone to get health issue conditions such as flu, cough, and allergies.

Having a Healthy Body Is Always Possible

In order to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting the sickness due to the monsoon, you need to learn what you are supposed to do. This is the time where the waterborne bacteria have the ability to attack us and our immune system. Read these following tips to stay fit during the rainy season:

  • Don’t let your kids play under the rain or in the puddle after the rain.
  • It isn’t the right time to satisfy your tummy by eating in the roadside stall since raw veggies and water are less hygienic during this season.
  • Carry the essential items such as raincoat and umbrella when you are outside.
  • Avoid walking through the rainwater on the road. It has the potential to bring a lot of fungal diseases to your feet.
  • If you have asthma, avoid staying in any place with damp walls. It will let the fungus growth and can trigger you.
  • Dry your body as soon as you get home soaked with the rain from outside.
  • Manage to drink herbal teas, especially those that provide you with the antibacterial properties.
  • Don’t turn on your air conditioning when you are soaked with rain or simply don’t go there.

When you choose to follow the tips above, you will be having a fit body without any seasonal illness that usually comes during the monsoon. Rainy season? No worry!