Shrimp Suppliers Indonesia Popular

The development of the times always makes us feel like to be the best. as in the case of developing countries, the state will want to give the best to develop its government and state. One that needs to be developed is from the economic system, where the development of the economic system is developed by establishing several companies to develop the potential that exists in Indonesia, for example for the coastal areas developed by making the company a seafood product. This is already done in various regions in Indonesia. Here are some descriptions of companies working in the field of fisheries.

Some Fishery Companies As Shrimp Suppliers Indonesia

One of the companies working in the fishery sector and the first marine products is PT Candi Jaya Amerta, which is directed by Edi Wibisono, this large company has 162 employees. Companies that address the highway number 34-36 Sukukangun Sidoarjo, eastern Java. The telephone number that can be contacted is (62-31) 8963709-7 with the category of business is agro-industry, which in its business status as a seller, its commodity index is sea product, such as shrimp, squid, and some again other marine products.

The second company is PT Golden Great Walk Indonesia, with Thomas Oscar as its director. The company already has 25 employees by addressing in the village of Driyojero Gresik subdistrict, East Java. The telephone number that can be contacted is (62-31) 707 392. The company’s business category is in the field of the fishery, its business status is to be a seller as well as a buyer, the commodity index sold is sea products, the commodity is frozen shrimp, packaging using box, and crate. Type of trading business, a company established since 1990 exporting commodities to Asian countries. That’s some info about some companies that become shrimp suppliers, for more info can visit his website directly at