Rules On The TelltheBell Event

Are you familiar with the taco bell name? Of course, if you are taco lovers, you already really familiar with this name. Yes, taco bell is the best place that serves the best tacos menu in the world. You can get nachos, tacos and also burritos with a very excellent taste and very delicious with very professional services. Tellthebell is one of the events which are really happening these days. Taco Bell offers you a $500 cash and also an IPad. For those of you who want to know more about this event, this following article will be the good items for you to read.

Basic Rules On The TelltheBell Event

If you want to join in this event, there are things that you need to know before you enter the game, and of course, you need to learn it to make you can get the bigger chance to winning the game. Yes, we will help you and give you some tips to make everything easier for you, especially to learn about the tellthebell. First, we will give you the following things that you need to enter the game or the basic rules.

  1. You must be an American citizen
  2. 18 years old or above
  3. Not the part of taco bell or employees or the taco bell
  4. You need to have the valid receipt from the latest transaction on the taco bell
  5. Have a Smartphone or Laptop

Those are the things that you need to know before you enter the game. Those are the basic rules that you need to learn and of course, it will help you to win the tellthebell event as well. So, yeah before you start and participate on the taco bell latest event, you need to learn about how you can be participating in the event first, and those basic rules will be the first thing that you need to learn and know.