Retro Simple Kitchen Ideas

Who loves retro? Now, you can apply this old-school style to your kitchen with a modern touch. Home design ideas with a retro look are many now but the retro with a modern touch is not many. So, here, if you love retro but you want to still apply the modern look; you can see the tips here. Besides, I will give you the link to see the examples of the kitchen with this theme. So, let us see the tips below.

The Tips of Retro and Simple Modern Kitchen Ideas

Retro is known for its colorful look. However, I will not ask you to do that. Colorful look sometimes will make the room too bright and not simple at all even if the room still looks modern. So, if the point is to make the room or kitchen still simple with this retro color scheme; you are in the right place. See the tips as follow:

  1. You should choose two or three colors with the retro look for the kitchen first. The suggestion colors are red and black with the white color to complete the look. Those colors are simple but still retro in it.
  2. You may use the white as the floor and wall color; red and black as the colors of your furniture, kitchen set and so on.
  3. Home design ideas with this look also will look great but a bit boring if you really want the retro look. So, just put it on the kitchen design or one other room such as your bedroom.
  4. You should make the furniture and the kitchen set look simple and modern with those retro colors.
  5. Put the modern lighting as well.

That’s it. You can look at the pictures you like as your references here: home design ideas. You will see the kitchen ideas with this retro look but simple and modern. I bet you love it if you really want this look. Ok, I hope you like it.