A nosebleed or epistaxis is a blood drop from the nose. The cause can be due to collision or due to other systemic diseases such as dengue, hypertension or the other. Well, you can do first aid if you have a nosebleed before you decide to go to the nearest doctor or clinic. Surely, many of you are panicking when having nosebleeds. Usually, this also happens suddenly and may occur when you are away from the nearest hospital or hospital.

First Aid to the Nosebleed

You can sit up and lean forward. The upright position will reduce the pressure in the blood vessels in your nose, and can inhibit more bleeding. Leaning forward position can avoid you from swallowing your own blood which if it does occur, it can make the stomach irritating. Afterwards, blow your nose gently to clear any frozen blood. Then, pinch your nostrils with your thumb and forefinger to stop the bleeding. Do it on both holes although the bleeding is only out on one hole only. Do it for five to ten minutes. During clamping, you can breathe through your mouth. You can also compress the nose with ice cubes wrapped in a towel. If the bleeding still has not stopped, repeat the above. After the bleeding stops, you are advised to hold your head and do not bend for several hours to keep the blood flowing out from flowing back into. Avoid picking your nose or blowing your nose after the bleeding stops.

Seeing blood coming out of your nose is horrible and it may surprise you, so you do not know what to do. Actually, how to deal with epistaxis is easy and can be done by yourself. If the symptoms of nosebleeds still cannot be resolved as well, you should immediately go to the nearest doctor or clinic.