How to make Paris Themed Party Decorations

Paris Themed Party DecorationsYou want to hold a party but still confused choosing a theme? Now many ideas that you can make to decorate your Paris themed party decorations to host a Paris-themed party, make the guests feel in Paris once they enter your home or party venue with a typical Parisian decor like the Eiffel Tower replica, a windmill with a Moulin Rouge signage, or an Arc de Triomphe.

Some idea to make Paris Themed Party Decorations

In Paris themed party decorations, you can also install impressionist paintings on the walls. Use black-and-white tablecloths with red touches on plates and napkins. Flower petals and put some candles on the table to give a romantic impression. Do not forget to give dim lighting. Play Edith Piaf songs with a classic record player. Place the waiter or waitress in the foyer in black and white and a bow tie that immediately presents champagne to the guests who come. Still in the foyer area, serve snacks like macarons, brie cheese, grapes, baguettes, croissants, or quiche. After all the guests arrive, invite to enter the dining room and sit in their seats. Serve French specialties such as coq au vin (chicken stew cooked with wine, mushrooms, and garlic), cassoulet, or duck confit. Accompany the main course with French onion soup or ratatouille. Quite a lot of choices for dessert. Serve small portions of truffles, crepes, ├ęclair, cream puff, sorbet, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake so guests can choose. Do not forget to include your party’s dress code and theme of the Paris-themed party.

Thus are some things can be done in making Paris themed party decorations. The theme of Paris that you use will make the impression as if visitors are in Paris. So your party becomes more memorable for the visitors and lovers of Paris city of course.