Let’s Participate In Kroger Survey And Get Prize!

Do you know Kroger survey? Some of the people only ever heard about Kroger Company which is one of a big retail in the US. Recently, it develops an online survey to measure the satisfaction of customer towards the quality of each store and supermarkets in States. However, it is not an ordinary survey which only let you fill and rate every stores and supermarket in the US. This survey even gives you a big chance to get a prize for each survey. There will be fuel points as your prize after filling out each survey. Are you ready?

Step By Step To Be Kroger Survey Participants

If you are interested to join in Kroger survey, so you have to make sure that you have some experience for shopping in various stores and supermarkets in the US. Moreover, you have to be minimum at 18 years old as American citizen lives in States. If you want to join as a participant, so you have to make sure that you do not have any relation with Kroger Company. Then, if you are required so you can continue to start the survey.

For the first, you need to visit the website of Kroger feedback survey. Fill the time and date and create your ID. After that, click the start button to begin your rate towards some supermarket.

Secondly, choose one of supermarkets or stores that will berate first. Then, there will be some points that will be shown after choosing a supermarket. There will be about product, employee, and system. You can rate it honestly based on your own experience. Then, add your impression towards that stores on the comment box which will be appeared after finishing the whole rating process. To complete the Kroger survey, you can provide your Loyalty or another ID card to get your fuel points.