Let’s Keep Health During the Rainy Season!

The rainy season is one of the annual climates that is always present in Indonesia. usually, the rain will continue to flush from morning to night, so inevitably you have to keep doing daily routines with the rain. This condition forces you to adapt to the rainy season that will usually feel cold. If the body is unable to adapt, then what will happen is the condition of endurance will decrease and eventually fall ill. Therefore, no wonder if during the rainy season many victims fell. Flu, cough, and fever are the most common illnesses during the rainy season. Well, to avoid it all then you must be good at maintaining health so that the body will remain fit during the rainy season.

Easy Ways to Maintain Body Health During the Rainy Season

In order, not to fall ill during the rainy season, you should follow some of the following tips:

  1. Consumption of nutritious food every day, especially those that contain lots of carbohydrates and


  1. Consumption of vitamins to help improve the body’s immune function.
  2. Consumption of water at least 8 glasses a day to meet the needs of body fluids.
  3. Maintain cleanliness of the environment that has the potential to be a means of bacteria and germs to breed.
  4. Rest and sleep regularly so as to restore stamina and improve the immune system after working all day.
  5. Pull the warm clothes out of the house so as to keep the body from the cold air out there.
  6. Always carry an umbrella or raincoat when going to travel so that it can protect your body if at any time the rain comes.
  7. Immediately take a bath and shampoo if it is already poured rain water because it is unhygienic and contains particles of pollution that are not good for the health of the body.
  8. Perform regular exercise light, such as gymnastics, push ups, sit ups, etc.

How maintaining health during the rainy season is very easy to do, is not it? By doing the 9 tips above, then it can be ascertained that your body health will always be awake even though the rain always flushed every day. Maintaining a healthy body is a very valuable investment, lest you regret when you get sick from not being able to maintain good health. Therefore, do not forget to apply these 9 things during the rainy season!