Keeping Black Skirt Tetra in a Right Way

Black Skirt TetraThe black skirt tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) is a common freshwater fish that is widely available for purchase to be kept as pets. Also known as black widow tetra, blackamoor, and petticoat tetra, this fish is native to the Paraguay River basin of south-central Brazil, Paraguay, and northeast Argentina. It has a unique body shape and color that makes it looks totally different from other tetras. Dominated with black and silver, it has tetragonal body shape and two vertical stripes on its body near the pectoral fins, with wide black anal fin. Because of its beauty and uniqueness, this fish is very famous among hobbyist and easily found in the nearest pet stores.

Characteristics of Black Skirt Tetra

As a hardy fish, the black skirt tetra is suitable for beginner aquarists. This species does not demand too many requirements to be kept in an aquarium. Because this fish is a kind of schooling fish, you should at least keep 5 individuals in an aquarium, so the size of the aquarium should have enough space for them to live. Even though they can live in such an extreme environment, the ideal water temperature for them is approximately 68 to 79° F (20-26° C) with pH level about 6.0 to 8.0.

In general, black skirt tetra can live in a harmony with other fish species in a single community tank. However, they can be a little bit territorial and aggressive to other fish as well by chasing and nipping other fish tails. Hence, it is not recommended to keep them together with other fish species which has a smaller size, long fins, and slow movement. Make sure that their tank mates are at least the same size as the tetras and not aggressive fish as well to prevent a riot inside the community tank. Overall, the blackamoor is good fish to keep in an aquarium.