Indonesia As One Of The Greatest Sardines Suppliers

Many countries are famous for its major canned sardine’s production. The great products are available throughout Asia to Europe. Indonesia is one among many countries that play the role of the world’s sardines suppliers. The country is rich in its marine sources. Not only on seafood production, but the country is also famous for its marine tourism. Most of the people rely on the marine source as their income. Sardine is only a little commodity that the country is working on.

Indonesia’s Contribution To The World’s Demands On Seafood Production

As most of the area is the ocean, Indonesia is tremendously rich in fish sources. Many of local fishermen work to fulfill the demand of local supply for fish. However, there are also some big factories who run the business as sardines suppliers. A manufacture sometimes serves as multiple fish product supplier. Thousand pounds of fish have been collected, canned, and distributed for a local and international wholesaler. The fish are caught and directly processed so the freshness of the fish is maintained. That is the reasons why many countries supply of canned sardines are greatly depend on Indonesia’s manufacture. The kind of the product is not only limited to sardines but also other kinds of fish such as tuna, mackerel, shrimp, milkfish, catfish etc. Most of them are distributed in can lid package and some other are simply exported in fresh condition. Instead of limiting the production in Indonesia, the local suppliers also try to open manufactures abroad.

In conclusion, Indonesia has been one of the main countries as canned fish suppliers. Since the marine source is plentiful, the seafood production business grows really well and the focus of manufacture is done in other countries as well. Indonesian canned fish and fresh fish have been exported to many countries around the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that Indonesia has become one of the greatest sardines suppliers.