The Importance Of Socialization Of Health Experts To The Public

Health careMaintaining and protecting health is the main thing to do, one way that can be done to provide knowledge to the public about the importance of maintaining and protecting health is to socialize from health experts to the community. People know what to do to keep their health awake and the disease is not easy to get close to their bodies. Health experts such as doctors or midwives have a high knowledge of disease, causes, and also know how to deal with the disease if it has attacked the patient. If people are given socialization about the disease then people will be more careful in doing various activities that can invite disease. People sometimes do not pay attention to the things that should be done and still many of those who follow the old habits that are less good and can interfere with their health. That is why the very importance of socialization from people who are experts on health to the public for public knowledge about health will also be better and improved.

Provide Examples Of Health Protection To The Community

We know that now in every region there are special institutions that serve public health. So that person also understands and better understand how to protect good health and right that is by giving an example of health protection directly to society. Because of people, in general, are better at getting knowledge by imitating the right behavior in protecting health. They become more understanding and understand what they should do. If knowledge is given without given the example, maybe some people do not know how to apply how to apply it in everyday life.

Therefore, it is very important for a health expert to always provide socialization and health services to every community so that they can protect their health by doing positive and healthy activities so that the disease will avoid them. The community will also be interested in conducting healthier and more positive activities if the services of the health institutions are good and also serve every public complaint.