The Importance to Repair Garbage Disposal

garbage disposalOne of the important activities that must be done by every society is to maintain cleanliness. The saying goes that cleanliness is part of faith. The statement is very true because the essence is not only a personal hygiene that must be considered but also the cleanliness of the environment around us. Recently, a lot of news that informed that there are many areas that do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment against waste. And we know that waste is something that can bring disease. Not a mild disease, but a very dangerous disease can also be caused by waste. The role that should be seen here is not only the people but also the people who are in the government who is authorized to take care of the problem. The importance of Repair Garbage Disposal should always be socialized to the public by the government, not only to socialize but also to provide good and correct examples and provide many facilities so that it can be done quickly and responsively. Public awareness must be improved immediately so that they also participate in handling such big problems.

Culture Repair Garbage Disposal for the Beginning

When constructing trash cans both on a small scale and on a large scale, beforehand the party who has the authority and responsibility in implementing the project should make a regulation on how to dispose of the trash can and should pay attention to what things to do when a problem occurs. A dumpster is a place that has the potential to cause a very serious problem, therefore Repair Garbage Disposal should always be cultivated early on when construction of the trash can finish and start operating.


Repair Garbage Disposal is a positive activity. In addition to cultivating hygiene activities to the community can also provide many very positive benefits for us, especially for people who are in the vicinity of landfills.