HP Driver Download, Install And Resolve The Problem

HP driver downloads are needed for you who lost the driver. You cannot use the printer without installing the driver as well. In that situation, you really have to find a CD which comes along in a printer package since it is the driver. If you cannot find it, so you can download it from the official website of HP. So, how to download the HP Driver from the website?

Several Steps and Ways to Download HP Driver

If you need the driver, so you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit HP driver downloads website, then find the printer driver there,
  2. Choose the driver which is compatible with your HP printer series,
  3. Find the “download” box to download the driver to your computer. Be sure to download the driver which is compatible with your computer,
  4. Open the driver file to install it after it is downloaded fully. You can read the whole agreement then follow the instruction,
  5. After the HP driver is installed, you need to restart the computer and printer
  6. Reconnect the printer to your PC or computer,
  7. The printer is ready.

How To Resolve The HP Driver Problem?

If you have a problem even after installing the driver, so you can fix it first. You have to close all the running programs on your computer, then turn off all connection. You can push the power off on your router and printer. Then, shut down the computer. Wait for several minutes, then turn all devices on again. After that, uninstall the HP driver and fix the system files. For the last, you can install the driver back. You can delete the driver for the first, then download it again from HP driver website. Make sure that your connection, computer, and printer are connected well so you can use it.