High Blood Sugar Is Triggered By Many Things

In recent times, there is so much news or knowledge which spread in a society that high levels of sugar in the body is caused by the consumption of foods and beverages that contain lots of sugar. Not only that, actually a lot of things that can trigger blood sugar. The causes are including lack of sleep until the consumption of foods with high fat.

Things That Trigger High Blood Sugar

For you who are lazy to eat breakfast, you have to change your habits. Did you know, there were women with excess body weight that did not have breakfast, so her insulin and blood sugar levels are higher than those who had their breakfast. Another bad effect of the lack of breakfast is when men who skip breakfast will have a 21 percent risk of diabetes than people who eat breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal time in life. To keep blood sugar stable, make sure to choose a protein-rich breakfast and healthy fats.

People who have been exposed to diabetes may be afraid of the carbohydrate content in their food. In addition, high-fat foods can also affect blood sugar levels. Huge levels like fat inside the blood influences the body’s strength to clean sugar inside the blood. Have enough rest, get sleep 7 to 8 hours per day is very important for health. If you only sleep for four hours a night, insulin sensitivity decreases by 20 percent. Lack of sleep makes the body experience severe stress, and every time you got stressed, the blood sugar levels will increase. Smoking is one of the bad habits of health. Especially for diabetics. The more nicotine in the blood, the higher the blood sugar level. As blood sugar levels rise, the risk of complications in diabetic patients increases. That’s the cause of diabetes you need to know, start to notice your lifestyle and your diet.