Giving Food To Pitbull Puppies

Feeding puppies like pitbull puppies require special treatment. Because the dog’s small digestive system is still in the process of growing and very sensitive. At the age of 6-8 weeks, puppies should be in the care of their mothers. The mother’s milk is the best source of nutrients and will strengthen the antibody system that protects the puppies from all illnesses. Under certain conditions, puppies cannot get treatment from the mother for at least six weeks, especially, when the mother is a health problem.

Special Care Of Pitbull Puppies Feeding

If you have now had pitbull puppies to feed or to take care, consider the following tips:

  • Use the puppies’ food

The stomach and puppies’ intestines are still so weak. So, the dog foods that contain little fiber and soft are the best food for them, to be digested better. Although the age is already 4 months, you should still give them food porridge or snacks. Because if they are forced given rough food, it can cause problems in the digestive tract and can cause diarrhea.

  • Maintain water hygiene

Change drinking water with clean and fresh water in the morning and afternoon. Pay attention to water volume, not too much or too little and make sure the water is always clean.

  • Give them additional nutrition

You can add a little calcium, vitamin A, D and intake of food. For the portion of the food, it depends on the size of the puppies and portion following the age.

  • Time for meal

You should schedule a meal at least three times a day in small portions because their digestive ability is still limited. At least the schedule should be applied until the age of 14-18 weeks. After that, you can feed them twice a day.

Giving a special care in feeding for pitbull puppies is very important for the digestive ability is the same as human babies. Therefore, they will not get the harmful illness.