How To Fix A Leather Handbag Strap?

When you already have one good leather handbag, you have to know tips for hand bag repair near me just in case if your handbag broke. For a leather handbag, the most part that can be broken easily is the edge of the strap. If take a look on the internet, there is little information to repair a leather handbag strap. When you want to look for a place that can repair your handbag, it’s better if you try to repair this by yourself. First, you have to find the leather company which has a promising product that suitable for your leather handbag. After that, follow our tips below.

Hand Bag Repair Near Me

One thing about leather handbag is that the strap can chip and cracked on the edge. The edge on leather handbag can be varied in colors. You have to find the same color from the leather company. Maybe you can find hand bag repair near me in your town or you can buy the leather online. If your leather strap is fraying but still not for pulling apart, you can repair it with strong glue. This glue are works for everything. You need to glue piece by piece together. But you have to remove that’s all from the leftovers and cracked part in the strap.

After that, trim all of the frayed parts. Let’s forget about being smooth perfectly since you can fix that part later. Before you use the strong glue, read the instructions first. If the label said that you have to prepare a paper, then prepare it. Lay the glue on paper. Use a brush and wipe one layer of the glue to the leather. Leave for 10 minutes to dry. Keep layering until the thickness match with the edging of the strap. You can remove the excess glue by using glue remover. That’s the tips for hand bag repair near me.