Fix Your Car’s Dent By Yourself

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Fixing and repairing a car is one of the responsibilities that the owner has to take once in a while. Dent is one out of numerous problems that can happen to your vehicle. This type of problem actually can be done by yourself in your house. Yes, it’s safe to say that you can save a few bucks by fixing the dent yourself. Wants to know the hack to fix your car’s dent? Stay on this page and keep reading!

Money, Energy, And Time Saved

Before we get into deep, let’s get this straight first. When you are working on your car, it’s necessary that you have certain tools that would be needed, safety gear, and a proper instruction. Another thing that you need to take a note on; does not ever work your car right after you turn it off or while it’s running. Therefore, here is how to fix the dent:

  • The supply that you need; sanding wheel, sandpaper, a tack cloth, plastic spreaders, wax remover, mixing board, and a finishing glaze.
  • Clean before filling. Remove the paint from the dent and inside it.
  • Switch to sandpaper and hand-sand the whole dent.
  • Use the same sandpaper to feather the paint at the edge of the dent.
  • Apply the wax remover to clean up the entire area and wipe off using a tack cloth.
  • Scoop filler to the mixing board and use the hardener to your direction.
  • Spread the filler and make it into a tough coat.
  • Sand the glaze by applying 180-grit and 320-grit sandpaper if you want to get a perfect finish.
  • Lastly, use the finishing glaze on the entire patch, spray it with primer, and paint it. Voila! Your car is back to its normal look.

See that you don’t have to run your car into some repair shop to get the dent done. Your money, energy, and time are saved perfectly! Remember to wait around 30 minutes after you turn off the car to work on it. See more similar posts only on