Facts About Disc Golf In Lansing, MI 48937

Disc Golf In Lansing, MI 48937There are some nice games that we can play. One of them is disc golf. This game is fairly similar to the ordinary golf. However, instead of using that round golf ball, we will be using a disc. The disc will be thrown away just like Frisbee, and the target is a small basket which is ranged up to 300 feet away from the initial throwing base. Even though this game is a joke, it is not. In fact, disc golf in Lansing, MI 48937 is one of the most popular places to play this game. If you happen to be in this city, it is highly recommended to try playing disc golf. It is quite exciting game even though it also frustrates you a little bit.

Some Facts About Disc Golf In Lansing, MI 48937

There are some fun facts related to disc golf that is worth to tell. First of all, it is actually an old game. It started from 1960, and the game was growing since then. If you want to know the first course for this game, you can find it in California. It looks solid with the metal basket punched to the ground. As time goes by, the competition of disc golf starts to be more intense and rewarding. The winner obtained a money prize of 25,000 dollars. It is absolutely a great amount of money back in the day. In now if you want to know more about disc golf in Lansing, MI 48937, you should know its location.

You can visit this place anytime you want. However, it is suggested that you visit the place when it is not crowded. You also can ask your friends to play with you. It will be a fun experience. Disc golf in Lansing, MI 48937 is definitely worth game to play. There is only a few reliable places to play this game comfortably. You can visit the link for further information about this site.