Elephant Bathing And Breakfast Tour Package

Bali is an amazing tourist destination with a lot of tourist spot to visit, breathtaking natural scenery, and amazing culture to witness. Now, we offer you a Bali trip to elephant park in Taro Ubud, Bali. Enjoy breakfast with elephant Bali, bathing in cool water together with a giant but cute elephant, and then enjoy your complete breakfast buffet. If you love animal, especially unique and cute animals like elephant, then you are going to enjoy our services. The elephant is an amazing animal, gigantic body, but can be cute and playful sometimes. Now, you can enjoy the amazing experience while bathing with them, as they playfully spray you with cool lake water in Ubud Bali. Enjoy the amazing natural scenery of mountainous area in Bali, while enjoying elephant back safari ride. If you love to enjoy your time with this cute gigantic animals, then you are going to love our tour package.

Enjoy Our Bathing And Breakfast With Elephant Bali Tour Package

If you want to experience something new, then you might like our bathing and breakfast with elephant Bali tour. In our tour, you will experience amazing bathing with elephants. Enjoy the cool water, as our elephant playfully spray it all over you with their long trunks, and then playfully splash you with cool water. You will need to bring yourself your own bathing suits though. After your bathing with elephant tour, now you can enjoy filling up your hungry stomach with our complete buffet breakfast for you. Well, enjoy your breakfast while watching our elephant playing, and then drying themselves in the warm tropical sun of Bali island. This tour package is included with air-conditioned hotel transfers, accident insurance, and also optional safari ride.

To order for our elephant bathing tour, you will need to express order and then book it online. You can book online on our website for economic and reasonable choice of course. Well then, visit us on our website for more info, Visit us at https://www.masonadventures.com.