Eating Habits That Promise Longer Life

Health lifeA study which is learned the eating habits of Blue Zones region in where many of its inhabitants live up to 100 years and beyond conclude that there are some eating habits that help them to live longer. In this case, we are not going to see that those people do not count calories that they consume, do not take supplements and also do not weigh the amount of protein they consume in gram. Then, what are their secrets to having such a long life?

Eating Habits That Help You Live Longer

The first secret is to get 95% of your meal from plants. People in Blue Zones tend to eat a lot of vegetables throughout the year. They consume various vegetables in the season than dry or pickle the extra. It has been a common knowledge that leafy greens are surely best for longevity. It is even found that people in middle age who only take a cup of greens each day as just the same with those who do notate greens. They are more likely to pass away in the upcoming four years. So, it is better to start eating leafy greens in high amount if you want to live longer.

Another secret is to consume meat at least twice in a week. If your daily intake is meat, you may need to change your cooking habit right now. Blue Zones’ inhabitants only enjoy meat in moderation. For the meat itself, it is better to prefer pork, lamb or chicken which come from the family farm. For your information, meat comes from animals which forage or graze freely is more likely to offer a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acid which is useful for our overall health. That’s all a few secrets of eating habits that can make you live longer.