Easy Cooking for Fried Milkfish

Looking for an easy recipe? You can try to fry a delicious milkfish. For the easiest one, you can try to buy it from the frozen milkfish suppliers. Choose the best one so there are no damaged nutrients. Although it is on frozen packaging, the nutrients in frozen milkfish will never change. It has no different nutrients contained in fresh or frozen milkfish. So, you do not need to worry to buy the frozen milkfish. As long as you choose the high quality, so the nutrients still on the right amount. Then, are you ready to cook the fried milkfish?

Easy Steps To Cook Fried Milkfish

When buying the milkfish from frozen milkfish suppliers, you have to make sure that you get the quality one. Whether you buy fresh or frozen one, you still have to concern on the quality of the milkfish. After that, you can try to prepare some things to cook fried milkfish. The ingredients are white vinegar, cloves garlic, peppercorn, salt, cooking oil, and also frozen milkfish. Prepare it in the right amount to get a better taste. Then, you can follow some steps below to fry the milkfish:

  • Mix peppercorn, salt, vinegar, and garlic in a bowl. Stir it well,
  • Slice the milkfish into two parts on the flat plate,
  • Rub the milkfish with the seasoning that has been prepared before then leave it for eight to twelve hours in refrigerator,
  • If the milkfish is ready, so you can prepare your frying pain right heat level. Add some vegetable oil,
  • Fry the seasoning milkfish on the pan for eight to ten minutes. Make sure you fry it well on both side of the milkfish,
  • After the milkfish turns to golden brown, place it on the plate
  • Sprinkle it with spiced vinegar, so the milkfish from frozen milkfish suppliers are ready to serve.