What are Dust Mites Bites?

Do you know that bites from dust mites can cause allergy? Before knowing about the bites, let us introduce dust bites. They are tiny bugs that similar to a spider. They live in our home and they feed on our dead skin cells. Dust mites can live in all climates so you can find them everywhere. Do dust mite bites? Yes, they do. Their bites can cause some illnesses. When a dust mite bites you, your immune system response highly. The response will cause antibodies to work against the harmful substances as well as causing the symptoms become dust mites allergy. The common symptoms are a runny nose and sneezing. However, if you often got bite, the allergy may cause asthma and sinus infections.

Bites from Dust Mites Can Cause Allergy

Bites from dust mites will lead to allergy. Actually, allergy is not harmful to human’s body. It is a response from our immune system to an unknown substance. Allergen is the name of the substance. Dust mites, pollens, and certain food can cause allergy. If you are allergic to dust mites, you can have a bad reaction when you got a bite. Even the remnants of the bugs can cause a runny nose, itchy, or sneezing. The remnants are consist of decaying bodies and their feces.

If you think that clean household can free you from dust mite, you might be wrong. In fact, even the average clean room can be an ideal place for them to habit. They can flourish in many things in your home such as bedding, furniture, carpet, etc. Bites from dust mites leave a mark and it can be seen on your skin visibly.  The bites should be treated carefully. The symptoms are similar with asthma and another allergy such as red watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and cough, shortness of breath, swollen lips, stomachache, and you can lose your consciousness if the symptom becomes severe.