Drinking Coffee in the Morning, Is it Good?

Many people are wondering, is drinking coffee in the morning is a good habit or not? Well, if we look at the benefits of coffee itself. Drinking coffee in the morning seems a good habit. There are several benefits from drinking coffee in the morning that might make this habit look good such as getting rid of the sleepy feeling, and other proven benefits that are done by research is that the coffee can lessen the chance of getting a liver cancer, breast cancer and many else.

Side Effect of Drinking Coffee Both Good and Bad

However, it is not only the case. There is the rule in drinking coffee in the morning. You cannot just drink coffee when you have an empty stomach. First, you have to eat breakfast first at least to make your stomach ready to be filled with the coffee. This is because of the stomach layer if it exposed with the touch of coffee in the morning, it will likely cause the increase of stomach acid and it will lead to stomach ache someday. If you have this habit, you have to change it right away. At least, eat something before drinking coffee in the morning. Coffee indeed has many benefits for people’s life, but this rule of drinking coffee should be obliged and cannot be ignored.

Well, the least but not the last. There are also several negative side effects of drinking coffee in the morning. The first example is the bad breath. Some people who drink coffee in the morning seems to have bad breath when they go to work, and it is quite annoying, especially for people around your office who interact with you. For the last, there is an additional information that comes from the recent research, that coffee is actually not good to consume in the morning. It is because, in the morning, the cortisol levels of the human body are at the maximum level. In this case, if coffee consumed at this situation, it will disturb the production of natural cortisol in the body for the rest of the day.