Download Apk Online and Play Offline Games

Are you bored? The best thing to do is playing the game. However, some of the popular games need a Wi-Fi connection to access. Meanwhile, you are not connected with Wi-Fi and has limited internet data. Then, you will get even more bored than before. To avoid this kind of situation, you need to download apk online and have offline games for android. The no Wi-Fi or offline games are the best one since you can play freely without having trouble with the internet connection. Without an internet connection, you can get the boredom away by playing offline games. So, what do you like the most? Here are two genre games which can be played offline.

Action Offline Games

For the first recommendation of no Wi-Fi games, Android is action games. Actually, there are a lot of action games which are perfect to download. The Crashlands becomes one of the best one. You need to build a base and defeat your enemies to go back to your planet without any problem. On the other hand, you can also try to download apk online called Plague Inc. It is kind of small size memory game which still has greatest graphic and control. The main concept of this game is you need to create viruses which must be spread around to infect all population.

Puzzle Offline Games

If you do not so into action games, so you can try the puzzle games. Some of the best puzzle games are offline. Moreover, the puzzle games are the best one to help your brain to be trained well. For the first recommendation, you can install Bring It On! which is kind of problem-solving games which need your logical thinking, creativity, and tactic. For another option, you can also try to get Unblock Me which is so addicted and will make your brain be more creative. Go download apk online and play it offline!