The Danger Of Smoking And Drinking

Health tipsWell, you might already familiar with smoking and drinking, even some of you are already addicted to smoking or drinking. If you know what danger lies behind every pack of cigarette and every bottle of drink you drank, you might be considered to decrease your addiction. There is danger that lies behind cigarette and alcohol. When consumed in small, both cigarette and alcohol may seem fine, but both of them are addictive and there is a high chance that you will be addicted to these dangerous products. It can give you several health complications, and if you don’t decrease your addiction, it can be pretty bad for you. You won’t feel the difference and complication in your younger days, but you will feel the health complications later in your older days.

Why Smoking And Drinking Are Considered To Be Unhealthy?

Maybe you have already heard about “Smoking kills you” This slang is pretty popular in the anti-smoking campaign. There are several reasons why smoking can kill you. First, smoking is number one cause for lungs cancer and throat cancer. Smoking can cause cancer cells to grow. Inside the cigarette’s smoke, there are several chemical ingredients that can promote growth to cancer cells. Not only cancer, there are also many health complications you will get by smoking like pneumonia and bronchitis. You won’t get these complications on your younger days. On your younger days, you won’t feel anything even after smoking five packs, but you will feel the health complications and danger of smoking later in your older days.

Drinking may seem fine, and pretty good activity. Drinking booze can also give you more ideas and creativity since wine and beers can give you hormone that clears our minds. But, this can only get when you have controlled and small amounts of drinking. Drinking too much is pretty bad for you, as it can cause several health complications like liver and kidneys malfunction. If you love drinking, then try to have controlled amounts of drinking. Don’t drink too much, as it can cause hung over and several health complications.