Comparison Between Factory And Herbal Medicine

Health careMedicine and drugs come in many shapes, different purpose, functions, and effect. There is medicine that can cure a cold and flu, relieving pain, help to sleep, and much more. From the materials, ingredients and how to produce it, medicine will be divided into two groups, an herbal medicine, and synthetic medicine or factory medicine. The herbal medicine comes from natural ingredients like herbal plants, fruits, or animals. Herbal medicine is pretty famous for its health effects but didn’t really have a bad side effect. As for factory made medicine, it is made from synthetic materials and chemical ingredients. The materials mostly are human made, and the pharmacist is the one who develops the medicine or drugs. Although it is relatively cheap and very effective, some factory-made medicine may cause you several bad side effects if consumed over dose, and not under the doctoral recipe. It is quite different between herbal and factory medicine.

What Is The Difference Between Herbal And Factory Medicine?

Just as we stated above, the huge difference between herbal and factory medicine are the ingredients and the production. Every herbal medicine comes from natural and herbal ingredients like plant and animals. Some herbal contains great effects for health, like ginger, cinnamon, honey and much more. People who experiment and create herbal medicine is called herbalist. Most of the herbal medicine is produced in small and personal production, but there is also some herbal medicine that already mass produced. Herbal medicine can have great effects and potential, but the more potent the herbal medicine, the harder you can get, which means it will be more expensive.

As for factory medicine, the benefits of this kind of medicine are, it is relatively cheap. This medicine also very effective to get rid of disease and also increase your health. But, you need to be careful when using factory made medicine, as it can cause you bad effects such as dependents and certain syndrome. Some medications can cause dependents on you, so you will need to take that medicine or else, you will feel something wrong with your body. Always follow doctoral recipe and dose when taking on this kind of medications.