What Causes An Earthquake And Tsunami?

what causes earthquakesWhat causes an earthquake and tsunami? Earthquake can be caused by many things and tsunami often occurs after an earthquake. The most common cause an earthquake is tectonic events which happen inside the earth. The earthquake is caused by the friction of shifting tectonic plates. The shifting can cause a tremendous amount of friction and will shake the upper land. The damage caused by the friction can destroy the tall building and other tall objects. It is highly advised for you to avoid tall buildings and object if you are trapped in an earthquake. Try to find an open field and stay away from beaches. Scientists can predict whether a tsunami will occur or not after an earthquake but sometimes the prediction is not accurate. Thus, it is recommended to evacuate yourself and your family away from the beaches.

What Causes An Earthquake?

What causes an earthquake besides the tectonic events? The second most common cause of earthquake is volcano eruption. For those who are living in volcanic countries such as Indonesia, it is better to prepare yourself for earthquakes and volcanic eruption. Countries with a high risk of volcanic eruption and earthquakes frequently educate and train their people in case of natural disasters. That way, the people have a better chance of surviving a dangerous natural disaster. There are some natural disasters that can occur after earthquakes such as massive landslide, tsunami, and even sinkhole.

It is very dangerous to stay on an earthquake spots for sinkhole can be created, the tall building may collapse and tsunami can occur. However, you can join the search and rescue team to find any earthquake survivors. Nowadays, scientists and the government have the technology to predict some natural disasters. Even though they are still inaccurate sometimes. Thus, people have to be careful at any time. You can’t be too careful about tsunami and earthquake. Hopefully, this article can explain what causes an earthquake.