Car And Driver Reviews SUV; KIA Soul

car and driver reviewsOver five stars of car and driver reviews SUV car, Kia Soul reaches 4.5 stars and mostly become the recommendation for people who are looking for SUV. Actually, from its rating, of course, we can conclude that many people give good reviews and many people love this car. If you are looking for SUV, this car should be on the list that you have to consider about. However, what is the specifications of this car? Why people love this car and give the good comment about this car? To answer your curiosity, read the following paragraphs.

Car And Driver Reviews SUV On KIA Soul Specifications

Specifications are the very important thing that you have to know when you want to buy a car. Kia Soul gives you amazing specifications. This car is supported with 7-speed automatic transmission that will give you the best performance on the road. Besides that, supported with 4-cylinder engine and 1.6-liter turbocharged make this car becomes better than its competitor. For the power that can be built on the engine, it is up to 201 horsepower and also 195 lb-ft. Those specifications of Kia Soul make many people fall in love with this car and give the best review on their car and driver reviews SUV column.

Besides that, this car supposed to be designed for 5 passengers in total. Over all, there are 4 doors and it is supported with 26/31 mpg city/highway. For those specifications, of course, many people put this car on their list. Many people decide to choose this car as their SUV and buy it. For the pricing of the car, it is about $23,695. So, when you think that Kia Soul will match you well, you can decide to buy this car and bring it to your garage. That is all the information about car and driver reviews SUV for Kia Soul.