Best Greens For Life

Health careWhat do you like to eat? Most people will mention a lot of foods with sugar and also fat. Yeah, they are very good and delicious. You cannot deny that foods with sugar such as sweets, cakes, and cookies are the best foods ever. You also cannot deny that junk food such as burger and pizza are your part of life. Maybe some people think their life is not complete without pizza. Well, not all pizza is not good for health. You can make your own pizza that of course healthier in ingredients.

Best Greens For Life: Green Pizza

What is it? Green pizza? How could you make a green pizza when the bread is not green? Well, I think you know that green can be done by the topping. You do not need to color the bread with green color if you do not want to because it will look gross for some people. Well, green pizza will be one of healthy pizza in the world that will make your body not getting more fat. Green pizza is a pizza with greens topping such as broccoli, cabbage and other greens ingredients you love. Then, you can add more mushrooms on it to taste delicious of life. Pizza without mushroom will feel so empty, right?

You can create the pizza by your own in your own kitchen. Then, you can give it to your family members and your beloved people if you want. You can still have your life by eating pizza yet still healthy by making it greens. So, that is it. You can find out the recipe of green pizza on the internet. There are many versions of the recipe; you may choose the best one for you. You may share your own recipe too if you like.