The Asus Zenfone News

Asus Zenfone BlogToday, it is not surprising to find that nobody can live away from their gadgets it is basically more than communicating tools, more than that, through this small device they can explore to get excitement and knowledge for real. Seeing this need, Asus Zenfone news tries to deliver the imaginary and ideas about the dream smart phone by introducing Zenfone 4 generation. This is divided into certain series called Zenfone Max, Pro, Selfie, and n 4V. Each series offers its specification as it can represent what modern smart phone should be. Overall, it will be discussed below.

The Extraordinary Asus Zenfone News

What people expect from Asus Zenfone news should be the endurance to accommodate their needs. Basically, it is the very important thing to do as they will get the content by exploring the gadget for a longer time. Thus, this gadget is made with monster capacity in the battery. The specification of power battery will be suitable to support the performance of 5.5″ screen. Besides that, there is also special feature offered that people can select the fast charging option to refill it. Nevertheless, it takes around four hours to complete the battery until fully charged. But, when they need the battery for communication only, it needs only fifteen minutes to be used in three hours talking time.

On the other hand, based on the Asus Zenfone news, it is also stated the brand-new series completed with the super quality camera. This feature is appropriate to give clear photo shoots and videos. Combining dual camera in high pixels for each 8 to 16MP, it allows the users to get the most sophisticated pictures and videos. For all the flagship specs, people do not need to pay more, in average it would be less than $500. It is truly worth smart phone to be possessed.